Septarian Round Freeform Geode - Earth’s Hidden Treasure

Septarian Round Freeform Geode - Earth’s Hidden Treasure

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Description: Unveil the mystery of our Septarian Round Freeform Geode, a natural marvel that encapsulates the beauty of geological formations. This exquisite piece, complete with a cover, is a true treasure from the Earth’s depths.

Dimensions (Approximate):

  • Length: 5 inches
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Weight: 6.1lbs

Crafted by nature’s own hand, this Septarian Geode is a round freeform that reveals a world of wonder within. Its unique patterns and cavities are a visual feast, telling a story of ancient sediment and time itself.

Each geode is meticulously selected for its aesthetic appeal and quality. While dimensions are approximate, the weighty presence of this 6.1lb piece ensures it’s a substantial addition to any collection or space.

As with all natural stones, variations and imperfections are to be expected, adding to the individuality and character of each geode.

We are delighted to offer this Septarian Round Freeform Geode and provide a 7-day return policy for your peace of mind. If this piece does not captivate your heart, we are dedicated to making your experience right.

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