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Grade B Labradorite Freeform - Earthy Meditation Stone

Grade B Labradorite Freeform - Earthy Meditation Stone

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Description: Connect with the grounding energy of our Grade B Labradorite Freeform. Each stone, selected with care, offers a touch of natural wonder:

  • Weight: Under 0.5lbs
  • Length: Under 4 inches
  • Thickness: Less than 2 inches
  • Width: Less than 3 inches

While these stones may not have the intense flash of higher grades, they still showcase the tranquil beauty of labradorite with subtle plays of color and form. Their convenient size makes them perfect for meditation, decoration, or as a travel-friendly talisman.

We invite you to specify if you have a preferred shape when ordering, and we’ll do our best to match it from our collection. Plus, rest assured with our 7-day return policy—we want you to feel a connection with your chosen piece.

Embrace the rustic charm of Grade B Labradorite and let it enhance your space and spirit.

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